Academic Tutoring
Passionate tutors and tailored learning

We tutor all subjects K-12 and have extensive experience working with hundreds of students from the top public and private schools in the Bay Area. 

Every student has a unique learning profile, with particular strengths to be leveraged and particular weaknesses to be supported. One-on-one tutoring offers an incredible opportunity to help students develop the skills and confidence they will bring to all future endeavors in school and beyond.

We carefully tailor each session to the changing needs of students and give students weekly homework goals appropriate to their unique learning plan.

Students enjoy their sessions with us because we put difficult concepts into common sense terms, cutting through jargon and delivering the strategies and tips essential for success in each course. We know local schools and courses very well, and students and parents can trust that our work is immediately relevant to students’ daily experience in class.

Students make dramatic progress while working through our carefully tuned study plans, designed to address the entire range of academic skills, from content to study habits like note-taking, review, and test preparation. In order to foster ideal student growth and wellness, we implement the latest developments in education and psychology research. For example, we advocate for the development of a growth mindset and emotional intelligence as tools for achieving success in school.

At Bay Area Learning Partners, we are able to conduct meaningful and productive tutoring sessions over video call. Our tutors utilize tablet tablet technology and screen sharing to ensure that students are able to benefit from skills modeling and joint practice.